Farnell Packaging – Laserlox anilox cleaning system purchsed

Laserlox Systems sustainable anilox cleaning solutions use laser technology and are suitable for all segments of flexo printing [Source: Laserlox Systems]

USA • The company has invested in a Laserlox anilox roll cleaning system from Eaglewood Technologies.

Farnell chose the Laserlox SXL 65 with Smart Technology by Sitexco to replace their liquid cleaning operation with an environmental solution.


Laser cleaning achieves success through ablation. The laser heats the material which absorbs the laser energy and evaporates or sublimates the ink chemistry. There are some particles or residues that cannot be destroyed by the laser but are removed from the surface and collected by the Laserlox extraction system. The laser used in this system is specifically designed to efficiently and effectively remove any ink chemistry by using the right pulse repetition rate which allows for the most accurate dwell time to assure proper cleaning.

Laserlox Systems use laser technology combined with a cutting edge software package and provide proven, tested results. The company’s sustainable anilox cleaning solution are suitable for all segments of flexo printing.

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