Flexible packaging – New laws prompt joint flexo printing project

Visitors could experience a 150 lpi print run with a printing speed of 400 m/min (1,312 fpm)

CHINA • China has now adopted a new strict VOC emission control policy that will also have consequences for the printing industry, especially the huge volume of gravure printing. A new joint project of Shaanxi Beiren Printing Machinery, Flint Group Flexographic Products, Shanghai Auclean Printing Machine, Sinwa Printech (International), and other partners was presented to more than 600 visitors at the forum Intelligent and Efficient – Green and Environmental-friendly in the People Building of Xi’an.

With their approach to high definition flexo printing, the project partners said they managed an important step towards an environmentally friendly printing method for China. After the event, the participants could inspect Shaanxi Beiren Printing Machinery’s FCI400 wide format satellite flexo printing press and experience a 150 lpi print run with a printing speed of 400 m/min (1,312 fpm). The press is built with an electronic axis control system, a full servo controlled impression setting and other new features. It is also equipped with an Auclean 1,000 lpi anilox roller. The companies said the output is comparable with gravure printed foil.

The job was printed using a nyloflex ACE Digital flexographic printing plate from Flint Group. Additionally, the nyloflex Next exposure technology was used to reproduce flat top dots and surface screening. A solvent based flexo ink of Flint Group’s Arrowfilm 1000 series was selected for this printing job. Sinwa Printech (International) provided the colour separation.

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