Flexo Wash – Solution helps Wedderburn New Zealand Clean Up

NEW ZEALAND • As the company has grown its printing business while still maintaining quality, Wedderburn’s management focused on increasing production in other ways while still maintaining a safe operating environment. This caused the company to re-evaluate how they clean their printing plates and other press parts. Though Wedderburn looked at many options, they kept returning to the Flexo Wash solution.

Wedderburn Operations Manager, Gary Gibbon, with Flexo Wash International Sales Manager, Mette Laursen, and the new PK 160 Parts Washer, Source: Flexo Wash

Flexo Wash manufactures plate cleaners, parts washers and anilox cleaners. The company is able to customise its equipment to suit a printers’ specific requirements, which generally results in higher quality print performance.

From its headquarters in Denmark, Flexo Wash works with all the major press manufacturers, both wide and narrow web.

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