Flexofit – Expanding seminars to Asia in 2018

Participants receive their certificate of successfully attending the Flexofit seminar (Source: Flexofit)

GERMANY • After three years of staging successful seminars all over Africa, the German consulting company is planning to host seminars in Asia in 2018, which will take  place in Thailand and Vietnam in order to access this growing market more closely.

The respective dates are:


Flexofit Thailand Seminar

12 June 2018 (one day before Propak Asia)

Bangkok, TF


Flexofit Vietnam Seminar

20 June 2018

Ho-Chi-Minh-City, VN


Currently Asia is undergoing a change process from gravure to flexo or digital printing, even though the flexo process as of today is still not very well presented there. Flexofit seminars are laid out to transfer knowledge and connect markets. The entry into Asia stems from intensive research and strong contacts with key partners. Furthermore environmental aspects like recycling are a topic both in the Asian market and in  international companies, who have a great interest in and awareness of Asia as a rising market place.

Cultural differences are always a challenge – especially in Asia. Here different languages and customs also result in different business behaviour and negotiation processes. In the seminars these topics are discussed as well as current market needs and special regulations for the trade of importing machinery and exporting finished goods. For 2018 Flexofit Seminars are also planned to take place in Africa.

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