Flexofit – Print seminars in Thailand and Vietnam

GERMANY • The consulting company held their first ever Asia seminars in Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh City this June. In both countries the flexo printing industry is developing quite well, but current developments and techniques were novelties for the attending experts.


Product samples and further information about devices where shown in a table top exhibition during the seminars (Source: Flexofit)


The Thai printing and packaging community enjoyed a seminar in their capital, offering representatives from big converters and repro houses nationwide the opportunity for professional talks and exchanges. The subsequently held Vietnam seminar turned out to host the biggest Flexofit audience ever. Over 50 participants from the country came to listen to the international experts. Presentations were given by speakers from Esko, Chespa, Vianord, tesa and Renzmann (Huvase).

The seminars covered a wide range of special topics and discussions. Also, the product samples and further information about devices that where shown in a table top exhibition proved to be of great value for the participants. According to Hans-Peter Hormann, general manager of Flexofit, the company is thinking of expanding its seminar program to Indonesia, the Philippines, China and South Korea.

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