Ghent Workgroup – New landing page and White Paper to support the packaging and label community

The Ghent Workgroup (GWG) has published a new White Paper focusing on packaging and label production (Source: GWG)

BELGIUM • The Ghent Workgroup (GWG) has created a new landing page and published a new White Paper focusing on packaging and label production.Written by GWG Chairman David Zwang, the paper reviews today’s trends, while the landing page includes discussion with leading players regarding the growth of the packaging sector and the upsurge in specialist and unique applications. It also reviews the development of digitization for printing and packaging technologies and processes.  It focuses on GWG’s work with packaging production specifications to date and the opportunities for the future of the entire packaging pre-production workflow.

It highlights the mission and ongoing work effort of GWG and its many partners – vendors, associations, educational institutions and industry stakeholders, and discusses the implications of the recently announced new ISO Standard 19593-1 and the potential it has to enable change for the future of the packaging and label community. It reflects the ongoing drive to engage and collaborate with existing and new partners to develop and maintain process specifications and associated documentation for best practices in all workflows across many sectors. David Zwang states, “This latest ISO standard is a significant step along theway and the beginning of a new era of production automation for packaging and labels.”


Offering 24/7 support, GWG’s dedicated landing page for the packaging and label community will provide easy access to specifications plus log-on links to a series of webinars. The page will also link to a variety of useful information which includes the White Paper plus a diversity of testimonials from members, vendors and users.  It will also give the option for companies to get involved and join the GWG.

The new landing page is available here and the White Paper can be downloaded here.

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