Hell Gravure Systems – Second K5 Smart XXL installed at Interprint

GERMANY • Two new K5 Smart XXL engraving units for gravure printing cylinder have been installed at the decor print shop Interprint in Arnsberg.

In 2014 Hell Gravure Systems and Interprint Group already agreed on a concept for a new decor engraver. This culminated in a K5 Smart XXL beta test machine being installed at the headquarters in Arnsberg in 2016. Two features of the new machine were of particular interest to Interprint – its high level of automation and its repeat accuracy.


According to the company, Hell achieved the former by transferring the established one-button engraving principle of its high-end machines to the large decor engraver. In this mode, once the cylinder has been inserted, all steps including quality documentation take place automatically without manual interventions. The K5 Smart XXL is equipped with CellEye to ensure high repeat accuracy.

This cutting/calibration process is based on volume-oriented measurement and has already proved highly effective in publication and packaging gravure. CellEye enables unique repeat accuracy for gravure cylinders.

Following successful completion of the beta test, a second K5 Smart XXL was installed in 2017. Interprint is currently testing the suitability of the HelioSprint III 12 kHz high-performance engraving system for decor printing.

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