Interpack, WPO – “Save Food Packaging Awards”

interpack packaging awards

GERMANY • The packaging fair interpack is cooperating with the World Packaging Organisation (WPO) to extended its WorldStar Awards to include the category “Save Food Packaging Awards”. The WPO’s awards commend best-practice approaches that have proven themselves on the national level, and the awards will be presented at a ceremony during interpack 2017. The “Save Food Packaging Awards” will recognise packaging solutions distinguished by their capacity to reduce food loss and waste, for instance, by prolonging the packaged product’s shelf life or with intelligent concepts for portioning or protecting the contents of packages once they have been opened.

In the adjudication of the submissions, it is also important that the package’s production is resource-efficient and makes use of as little packaging material as necessary. Associations from more than 15 countries are participating in the staging of the awards – including ones in Africa and the Middle East –by choosing national winners in a variety of categories in advance of interpack 2017. Honours will go to retail and transport packages, among other things. The national winners will then compete and will be exhibited at the innovationparc special show.

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