JM Heaford – Strengthening position in the Chilean market

UK • The company regards its “remarkably successful” participation at the recent Latin Pack 2018 – Chile event as a confirmation that its strategic focus on building local service and support in Chile is on the right track.

Visitor footfall and customer engagement during the inaugural Label Pack show (June 7-8) reflected a growing awareness of Heaford technology since appointing Packaging Xpert as its agent in Chile.

As well as being an active participant in the successful launch of Latin Pack, Heaford was invited to present a keynote address on developments in mounting technology during the event. The company has also enjoyed steady sales success with installations at most major converters including BO Packaging, Impresos Industriales and Edelpa, among others.

In the last two years, JM Heaford has installed six machines in Chile. Antonio Nuñez is operations director at Edelpa and recently specified a Heaford ELS 700 mounter for mounting sleeves up to 700 mm (28”) for the company’s new Bobst presses. Rigoberto Toro is operations director at BO Packaging, who installed a Heaford MW 1300 DX for up to 1300 mm (51”) wide sleeves, servicing multiple Comexi presses

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