MacDermid – New product additions for corrugated applications

USA n MacDermid Graphics Solutions announced the commercial introduction of three new liquid photopolymer resins specifically designed for corrugated printing applications – MRC, LTS and M Cap 45. These new products are part of the M System platform of liquid photopolymer technology and service architecture. In no particular order, this series of articles introduces these products in detail.

M Cap 45 photopolymer capping resin

The MacDermid M Cap 45 liquid photopolymer is a 45 durometer (Shore A) cap resin designed primarily for corrugated printing applications. It is used in conjunction with a softer base resin to produce capped printing plates for high-quality and process colour printing. M Cap 45 has a modified photospeed that keeps reverses more open from negative to plate, thereby broadening overall tone range capability. Its low durometer and high resilience improves ink transfer, allowing for a unique combination of reduced fluting and excellent solids coverage.

Key features include improved tonal range, deeper reverses, reduction in dot gain and fluting while maintaining solid ink density. Cap thickness ranges from 0.004” – 0.007” and tone range reproduction spans 2 – 95% at a maximum line screen of 120 lpi. As far as the washout chemistry is concerned, M Clean detergent can be used.

Liquid photopolymer resins should be stored below 95° F (35° C), out of direct sunlight. Special lighting is not required in the platemaking area. Resin should be allowed to equilibrate to platemaking room temperature prior to use. M Cap 45 is packaged in 5 gallon (40 lbs., 18 kg., net wt.) containers. To be used with LTL, LTS, and MRC.


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