New premises, investment and a new flexo plate

The Digital MAF flexo plate improves the reproduction of finest highlight elements in corrugated post printing (Source: MacDermid)

GERMANY • The company Hans-Joachim Heinerich GmbH which was founded in 1968 currently has a workforce of 50 employees. The independent family run company is one of the best-known and most successful prepress service providers for corrugated post-printing in Southern Germany.

A forward looking relocation


In June 2017, the company relocated to new premises consisting of 2000 sqm (21.528 sqft) of production space plus adjacent offices. Thus, the company now has a considerable amount of space for administration, customer service, pre-press department, quality management, forme production, mounting and shipment at their disposal.

“The space requirements at the new premises are designed for future growth”, states Markus Olbrich, managing director of Heinerich. Production manager Steffen Botsch adds: “We are now in the favourable position, to continuously adapt our technical equipment according to the ever changing needs of the market.”

State-of-the-art processing technology and a new plate

As a result of this spatial extension, the company recently installed the fully automatic FlexoLine Standard machine supplied by Glunz & Jensen for the manufacturing of flexo plates. The configuration of the unit includes the process steps, rinsing, drying and post-exposure. In addition, the drying and post-exposure station is provided with a storage area for a total of 16 plates and with a plate transfer system reasonably positioned between the drying and the post-exposure units.

The implementation of the FlexoLine Standard was initiated at the same time as a comprehensive evaluation of various plate materials manufactured by leading suppliers. The flexo plate type Digital MAF with an integrated flat top dot structure is principally designed to serve the needs of corrugated post-printing applications. “This photopolymer plate delivers fast rinsing times and reduces fluting on certain corrugated substrates”, states Dirk Abels, sales manager at MacDermid for the areas of Southern Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This plate type is available in thicknesses of 2.84, 3.18, 3.94, 4.70, 5.00, 5.50, 6.00 and 6.35 mm (0.11”, 0.13”, 0.16”, 0.19”, 0.2”, 0.22”, 0.24” and 0.25”).

“The Digital MAF not only improves the reproduction of the finest highlight elements in corrugated post printing but also provides high mechanical resistance and shows no stickiness. Moreover, the ink transfer performance capabilities result in rich colours and good ink coverage at the solid areas. This facilitates consistent print results on most corrugated substrates”, explains Dirk Abels.

MacDermid – a versatile plate supplier

Headquartered in Atlanta, GA/USA, MacDermid Graphics Solutions is one of the world’s leading producers and distributors of flexo plates for package and label printing. The wide portfolio of products and services also includes the award winning Lux ITP plate technology, offering all the benefits of the flat top dot structure without the need for additional platemaking steps or devices., Both the thermal and solvent-based processes can be used for platemaking.

Digital MAF is a photopolymer flexo plate with a flat top dot structure optimised for corrugated post-printing, which results in significantly reduced fluting. In addition, no additional platemaking steps or devices are required for the platemaking process.

Solvit LO is a new generation of low-odour wash-out solutions developed by MacDermid to improve the effectiveness of flexo platemaking processes and to increase the safety of production environments. Good washing results are achieved even with large relief depths and finest highlight details. Moreover, Solvit LO significantly reduces the required drying times and avoids the build-up of polymers within the plate processor.

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