PCMC and MicroDynamics – announce strategic partnership

WISCONSIN/USA • Customers of the two companies can now streamline anilox and gravure roll care by bundling cleaning and analysis technology together. The new option allows clients to include MicroDynamics’ 3DQC RollScope as part of a package purchase with PCMC’s Meridian laser anilox cleaner.

(Source: PCMC)

The Meridian uses a laser to clean anilox cells without damaging them, resulting in a superior clean, improved print quality, reduced waste and a longer life for anilox rolls claims PCMC.


According to the partnership, the 3DQC also reduces waste and downtime. By quickly scanning the surface of anilox and gravure rolls, the 3DQC provides the measurement of cell volume that achieves repeatable results better than plus or minus one percent. Featuring microscope control, data collection and a visualization database, the 3DQC’s MicroScan software monitors the volume as the roll wears and reviews the measurement history, enabling customers to track every roll.

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