ppg> flexofilm – Appreciating the “K1 Technology” from Epsilon rollers

The pneumatic carbon fiber (CFRP) adapter roller cyKlon from Epsilon Composite is provided with an exchangeable interlock notch (Source: Epsilon Rollers)

GERMANY • In spring 2017, ppg> flexofilm expanded the range of flexo printed products. Therefore the German package manufacturer installed a 10 + 1 colour Miraflex C II flexo printing press from Windmöller & Hölscher at the Holdorf location.

According to ppg> flexofilm it was necessary to react properly on smaller lot sizes and the large variety of print formats. Those have steadily increased the number of make-ready processes. ppg> flexofilm had the opportunity to intensively test the pneumatic carbon fiber (CFRP) adapter type cyKlon from Epsilon Composite in advance. The high robustness and the vibration-damping properties of these adapters build an ideal basis for a permanently trouble free printing process.


The cyKlon adapter by Epsilon Rollers is provided with a metal edge to protect from damage
The cyKlon adapter by Epsilon Rollers is provided with a metal edge to protect from damage (Source: Epsilon Rollers)


The stable technical structure and the extreme rigidity of the pneumatic cyKlon adapters in combination with the smooth running were among the decision driving factors for for ppg> flexofilm to investing in the Epsilon CFRP technology. “The good technical advice provided by the German agency Print & Converting Technology in Schwerte enabled us to carry out short-term test runs with cyKlon adapters. And this provided us with the best conditions for the investment decision,” explains Volker Haske, Managing Director of ppg> flexofilm.  Consequently the positive tests have been confirmed in the ongoing production on the Miraflex CII since commissioning in October 2017.

The ppg> flexofilm GmbH

Headquartered in Holdorf near Osnabrück, ppg> flexofilm manufactures flexible packaging for the consumer goods industry. Cooperating with three other companies in the group they concentrate on their core business of production, printing and packaging of sophisticated composite films for the Food & Beverage market segment. For example, more than 13,000 t of barrier films with up to nine layers are extruded annually at the Holdorf location only.

The company has an annual output of more than 180 million m2 of flexo and gravure printed products. With an output volume of over three billion stretch sleeves, ppg> flexofilm GmbH, together with its sister company, ppg> wegoflex GmbH, claims to be the market leader in Germany. Thus they make a decisive contribution to the national reusable beverage market. In addition to beverage labels and in cooperation with ppg> noltemeyer GmbH, they manufacture top films, tubular bags and winders for dairy, meat and sausage applications, as well as bread and baked goods.

Epsilon Composite

Epsilon Rollers, a business unit of Epsilon Composite, based in Gaillan en Médoc, France, is a specialist manufacturer of high-end bridge adapters made of carbon fibre reinforced plastics (CFRP). Based on the in-house developed and patented K1 technology the properties of the carbon fibers are optimally exploited. Thereby CFRP format adapters can be produced with unprecedented rigidity.  Finally this reflects high performance of the adapters in the print process.

Based on this technology, Epsilon Rollers manufactures bridge adapters for pneumatic as well as hydraulic clamping systems for flexographic presses. All of them for medium to wide web range. Designed with the help of the FEM (Finite Element Method), those products are developed in collaboration with market-leading printing press manufacturers and tailored to the specific requirements of each machine. The bridge adapters supplied by Epsilon Rollers have been in use by many print shops for 15 years worldwide and are constantly being further developed.


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