Print4All – International brand leaders continue to sign up

Print4All will take place at Fiera Milano (Source: Print4All)

ITALY • Canon and Agfa, among others, have recently confirmed their presence at the upcoming congress. Moreover, according to the organisers, many more major converting and package printing brands have also chosen to support the project. This helps ensure that, culminating in Print4All itself (taking place from 29 May to 1 June at Fiera Milano), the event will complete and enrich its content with printing and converting solutions for any type of media and for any marketing, productive and communication requirements.



Print4All will take place at Fiera Milano (Source: Print4All)

An ambitious project shared with the market, on the Printing & Communication front, the event is now even stronger thanks to the participation of companies  such as Agfa, Canon, Bompan and Neopost. Print4All will be an opportunity for brands to showcase innovative solutions for printed products and visual communication.

Attendees will have the opportunity to see sophisticated digital and non-digital printing machines that meet the most demanding requirements. Whatever field a printer works within, the aim will be to surprise visitors with special effects and offer cutting edge solutions that can ensure recognition, identity, and product interactivity.

The converting, package printing, and labelling offering will be enriched because of the presence of major global brands. Rotogravure, flexo, and hybrid technologies for packaging printing and labelling, as well as converting technologies, will be showcased to engage the consumer. The event will make room for lamination, coating, embossing, and serigraphic effects that provide new tactile sensations, as well as for the research on colours as subliminal messages, safer labels, and packaging providing the “wow” effect and transmitting information on the origin of the products.

All initiatives will provide updated information and be an effective tool to understand the market. In addition, Fiera Milano, the organiser of the event in collaboration with ARGI and ACIMGA, has recently launched an international survey, conducted by Keypoint Intelligence-Infotrends, between printing service providers. It is an opportunity to map and evaluate the latest market trends and operators’ requirements to make this trade fair a reference for the industry. The results, which will be available before the event kicks off, will help producers understand their customers’ technology and communication requirements and offer customised solutions to each one of them.

Print4All is part of The Innovation Alliance, the event to take place in Fiera Milano from 29 May to 1 June 2018.

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