SAM – Vetaphone chosen for surface treatment

SOUTH KOREA • As a large Asian manufacturer of extrusion, coating, and laminating technology, Sung An Machinery (SAM)’s decision to work with Danish manufacturer Vetaphone for surface treatment solutions across a variety of substrates from PET to BOPP, Alu foil, and metallised film is seen by some industry analysts as a significant endorsement.

When SAM opened its Test Lab facility in Korea, it chose to equip it with Vetaphone technology (Source, SAM)

SAM’s Solution Coating Laboratory near Seoul, South Korea into which the Vetaphone unit was commissioned is designed for customer product development trials and solution coating research. More than 35 different coating methods are available for fluids and product conditions, and these can be based on viscosity, percentage solids, pH, solvent or solvent less, water-based, hot melt or coating weight criteria. And a SCADA-HMI computer system records and analyses all test data. The Vetaphone corona treater is a single-sided 16KW model, with a 25 Watt output, and is fitted with a conductive ceramic coated backing roller.