Schawk Jülich – Pre-press receives Flint Group’s Flexoexpert Certification

Employees at SCHAWK JÜLICH are pleased with the FlexoExpert title(Photo Credit: Flint Group)

Germany • Since the end of 2016, the production team at the Matthew’s Group S&T Schawk Jülich pre-press facility can boast of their Flexoexpert status.

Employees at SCHAWK JÜLICH are pleased with the FlexoExpert title (Image: Flint Group)

With training conducted by the Flint Group, the Flexoexpert certification programme supports the optimisation of printing production. With a duration of six months, the certification programme consists of three steps:


The first phase includes a detailed inventory and status report as well as individual training and preparation by Flint Group experts. In the second phase, the implementation of the recommendations follow. In this phase, Schawk improved their process level to form an advanced, sustainable workflow. At this point, it was important to comprise a regular and seamless process based on control elements that expanded standards and documented the results.

At the conclusion of the certification programme, an audit took place with a final verification of all process parameters and applications. At that time, Flint experts again question and evaluate the complete production process. The announcement of the achieved score and presentation of the title “FlexoExpert” followed in a final discussion. Schawk received a score of 95%.

“The FlexoExpert Certification is a very successful programme to optimise printing production. The handling of the individual process steps within Schawk Jülich is now even more professional and purposeful,” said Dirk Kalkbrenner, the prepress production and training manager of the repro house. Going forward, all worldwide branches of Schawk, a division of the Mathews Group, shall now follow the Jülich site and pass through the certification programme.

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