Siegwerk – First Sustainability Report published

Ink manufacturer Siegwerk has just published its first ever Sustainability Report based on both German and International standards(Photo Credit: Siegwerk)

GERMANY • The printing ink manufacturer has just published its first-ever sustainability report, based on the international GRI standard, it lays a new basis for evaluating its sustainable actions.

Ink manufacturer Siegwerk has just published its first ever Sustainability Report based on both German and International standards (Image: Siegwerk)

The sustainability program described in the report is based on a materiality analysis of relevant fields of activity conducted by an international team of Siegwerk executives together with Chemie³, the German chemical industry’s sustainability initiative. A new mission statement, which in turn will align with Siegwerk’s sustainability strategy in future, was drafted based on the results of the analysis.


The mission statement incorporates four dimensions: 1) customers as partners, innovation as driver, 2) employees as the key to success, 3) sustainable economic success and 4) responsibility to the environment and society. The company views “dealing in extensive depth with these issues as vital for lasting profitable growth.” At Siegwerk sustainability is interpreted as an attitude in line with the company’s “Ink, Heart & Soul” philosophy.

With the launch of the Chemie³ program in May 2013, the VCI, IG BCE and BAVC jointly set a goal of anchoring sustainability as the guiding principle within the German chemical industry and to strengthen their contributions to sustainable development. The three alliance partners see sustainable business as a guarantor of a successful future for the sector. The 12 “Sustainability Guidelines for the Chemical Industry in Germany” provide an orientation to enterprises about where the developments in the industry are headed. They also address particularly important topics for sustainable development.

Up till now Siegwerk has publicized its sustainability approach in the form of information brochures provided to anybody interested in this topic. “By launching the Sustainability Report we want to provide even greater transparency and enter into an open dialog with our stakeholders. That is the only way to boost the company’s future viability and to improve our performance even more”, said Herbert Forker, CEO of Siegwerk.

Siegwerk is a sixth-generation family-owned company and an international manufacturer of printing inks and individual solutions for packaging, labels, and catalogs. The company employs some 5,000 people worldwide in more than 30 country organizations and is headquartered in Siegburg near Cologne.

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