Sun Chemical – Sustainability Report 2016 released

USA – The company has released its 2016 Corporate Sustainability Report which focuses on how its research and development efforts have led to new products and services.

Sun Chemical highlighted four recently developed products in its newest report that can offer customers significant eco-efficiency benefits. Two examples include the SunBar oxygen barrier coatings and SunFuse (PolarSeal) re-closable cold-seal adhesives that both help reduce food waste. SunLam Deseamable Technology improves the ability of recyclers to remove shrink sleeve labels and ensure plastic bottle recycling. SunSpectro (Aquathene) water-based flexographic inks allow packaging to comply with international compostability standards.

As in previous sustainability reports, Sun Chemical’s newest report provides data-driven sustainability indicators of its production and non-production facilities to understand and manage environmental impacts by monitoring energy consumption and conservation; energy carbon footprints; process waste reduction; water consumption; and material and employee safety. The Sun Chemical sustainability report also highlights its policy on good manufacturing practices.