Treofan – Installs wide web BOBST metallizer in its Mexican plant

MEXICO • The new BOBST K5000 3650 mm (144”) wide metallizer replaces two old and inefficient metallizers. The new machine is equipped to run large diameters at high speeds while also maintaining the cool temperature of the film and protecting the barrier.

Treofan’s new BOBST K5000 vacuum metallizer installed in the company’s production plant in Mexico (Source, Bobst)

As part of the company’s strategy to invest heavily in the latest technology to modernise their manufacturing plants, the new BOBST metallizer in the Mexican plant follows the installation of a 8.2 metre (27 ft) BOPP film line back in 2007 also in Mexico. More recently in October 2015, a new 8.7 metre (28,5 ft) BOPP film line was installed in the company’s German plant.

Treofan is a high end specialty BOPP film producer with a product portfolio including solutions for packaging, labels and tobacco industries as well as technical films for electronic applications. The Treofan group employs around 1,100 people around the world at four production sites in Germany, Italy and Mexico. The company’s products are sold in more than 90 markets worldwide.

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