Vetaphone – Nova Films & Foils chooses Danish corona technology

USA – Located in Bedford, OH, Nova Films & Foils offers a customised coating and converting service to industries as diverse as graphic arts to electronics and industrial markets. Currently, more than 70% of the output of the company and its 13-strong workforce is customised work.

With a need to corona treat at least 50% of its work, the company searched the market for reliable technology with ease of use and hit upon Vetaphone. The installation of a new coater laminator in 2014 highlighted a need for high quality corona treatment, and Vetaphone single and double-sided units were installed on the 1650 mm (65”) wide machine that is capable of 183 m/min (600 ftpm).

According to Nova Films & Foils, the consistent dyne levels achieved by the corona treaters across a range of substrates has allowed the company to develop new products and be more responsive to its customers’ demands. Critical to the work handled is tight tolerance and consistent performance so that any future commercial production quality matches that of the prototype work produced. Materials handled vary from very high surface tension of 50 dynes/cm2 or more, such as metals, to high surface tension with a rating of 35 – 45 dyne such as polyester, vinyl and nylon, to ratings of 35 dyne or less, which includes PE, PP, and PVA.


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