Vetaphone – Second corona unit installed by Worthen, will others follow?

The 1920 mm (76") VE1B corona treater is installed at Worthen’s plant in Nashua, NH (Source, Vetaphone)

USA • After a year of near continuous service, a second 1920 mm (76”) Vetaphone VE1B corona treater has been installed on another of Worthen Industries’ specially adapted coating lines. Requiring treatment performance with superior dyne levels that doesn’t create pinholes, the company prints across a range of substrates from foam run at 9 m/min (30 ft/min) to films and fabrics run at 91 m/min (300 ft/min). Vetaphone also ensured Worthen that they could run thicker materials, like 3.175 mm (1/8’’) closed cell foam, without any drop in production speed.

The 1920 mm (76″) VE1B corona treater is installed at Worthen’s plant in Nashua, NH (Source, Vetaphone)

The successful installations are leading the printer to evaluate adding more Vetaphone corona treaters in their Nashua, NH facilities to enable the company to develop new opportunities in lamination applications.


As well as coating and custom adhesives, Worthen offers converting, film extrusion, web coating, private labelling, and toll manufacturing. The list of products produced at the Nashua plant includes: medical films, foams and fabrics; various types of tape from automotive to carpet applications; hot melts, custom coated PSAs; fibreglass; and synthetic leather. Flexible substrates handled include: urethane, polyolefin, and polyester, woven and non-woven textiles, cross linked foams, and felt and paper.

In total, Worthen has 15 product lines across five US locations, as well as offices in Hong Kong and Guangdong (China), and Vietnam, with warehouses and agents in Dominican Republic and India. Today, the company employs a staff of 300, and in 2016 enjoyed global sales of more than USD 100 million.

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