V&V Interflexo/Agraf Industrial – Awards from Andigraf accepted

COLOMBIA • Increased print quality gained from using nyloflex FTF Digital flexographic plates supplied by the Flint Group has enabled Agraf Industrial to win an award from Andigraf.

Participants in the competition are shown above with their awards. From left to right: Gustavo Ruiz of Agraf Industrial, Erik Oliveros of V&V Interflexo, Vagn Knudsen of Agraf Industrial, and Mauricio Perez from V&V Interflexo, Source: Flint Group

According to Flint, Agraf has worked for years with the tradeshop V&V Interflexo, who introduced the technology to progress Agraf from using high definition with standard digital plates (without flat top dots), to high definition with flat top dots exposed with Flint’s nyloflex NExT exposure unit for creating flat top dots.

Flint Group Flexographic Products received the 2016 FTA Technical Innovation Award for its nyloflex FTF Digital plate – offering printers and tradeshops “The Easy Way” to achieve flat top dots on flexo printing plates.

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