Westpak Oy Ab – Awarded Europe’s first EGP partnership certificate

FINLAND • The manufacturer of flexo-printed packaging received the certificate in recognition of the company’s successful implementation of a modern production process.

From L to R: Marko Valkamo, production and development director, Marvaco Oy; Ville Riitahaara, prepress manager, Westpak Oy Ab; Jonas Skuthälla, managing director, Westpak Oy Ab; Vesa Mäkilä, prepress specialist, Westpak Oy Ab; Tomi Havia, customer service manager, Marvaco Oy; Tapio Alanko, customer service manager, Marvaco Oy (Source, Marvaco)

Previously, Westpak was the first Nordic printing company to successfully adapt EGP, Expanded Gamut Printing, in 2015. After this, the company has offered its customers WestTone color control services in packaging artwork production. The services were developed together with Marvaco. Westpak and Marvaco have also created an expanded color gamut chart for plastic materials, Westpak Multicolor Target Book, designed to answer to the needs of brands and packaging designers.

The certificate is awarded for the high quality and excellent process efficiency of the prints done in the past two years, and it verifies that packaging printing implemented with the EGP technology has been of consistent quality since then.

The introduction of expanded color gamut to packaging printing, implemented by Marvaco and it’s American partner company, CSW, has advanced to the stage of awarding partnership certificates to printing companies. The printing companies’ adoption of the EGP technology and performance are tested and evaluated based on production works on various brand owners’ packages, implemented with EGP process inks.

The EGP technology enables higher quality, more efficient and productive packaging printing with no need for spot colors. The predictable and precise brand colors are implemented with digitally assisted ink blending. The color gamut is enriched with additional OGV (Orange, Green, Violet) process inks, which multiplies the number of color shades in comparison to the Pantone+ color series.

Other advantages of the EGP technology include the potential of parallel printing of different products at the same time and the possibility of more cost-efficient printing of smaller print runs. Using Pantone spot colors in packaging printing is also still possible. According to Marvaco, international brand owners and printing companies are increasingly moving to Expanded Gamut Printing.

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