Windmöller & Hölscher – New digital printing press for flexible packaging

GERMANY • While digital printing is already firmly established in the label and commercial printing sector, flexible packaging continues to be a challenge: An economical and stable digital printing process has yet to be developed. Windmöller & Hölscher (W&H) has reached a first milestone in its development project with a machine concept for a new digital printing machine. Now the company starts onboarding partners. As the new digital press is based on piezo inkjet technology, it will incorporate the 5601 print-head by manufacturer Xaar.

W&H has been conducting research in the field of digital printing for several years. Since 2016, the digital printing team drives forward the implementation with a development project involving investments in the millions. “We first collected practical requirements, evaluated technologies and tested new approaches. This has resulted in a machine concept that stands out from all existing approaches and provides our customers with added value. We are now implementing this with suitable partners. The new digital machine concept from W&H is characterized by higher quality and higher speeds,” explains Sven Michael, head of the digital team at W&H.

Sven Michael, head of the digital team at W&H, says the new digital machine concept from W&H will be characterized by higher quality and higher speeds (Source: W&H)


“We see a need in the flexible packaging market to use digital printing in addition to the established processes. This is driven by the need for faster time-to-market and very short order lengths,” explains Dr. Jürgen Vutz, CEO of W&H. “However, the application of flexible packaging has very special requirements, for example regarding the adhesion of the ink to the film. As specialists in this market, we bring expert knowledge to offer answers to these challenges. High availability and usability in daily use are our top priorities relating to this new machine. Our goal is to go to market with a functioning and mature digital printing machine that delivers on the promises of digital printing for flexible packaging as well,” summarizes Vutz.

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