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All in Print China 2018 – on course for growth

After going through the Internet bubble and its subsequent burst followed by the economic crisis of 2008, countries around the world have once again begun to realize the importance of manufacturing. Today, the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution, based largely on the Internet of Things (IoT), is creating global development and transformational opportunities. Moreover, going forward, intelligent manufacturing is becoming a new battleground for all nations. Nowhere is this happening faster than in China which is quickly rising to become the world’s largest economy. Next year, this will become readily apparent at the 7th All In Print China (AIP) trade fair scheduled to take place from the 24 to the 28 of October 2018 in Shanghai.

By Michael Buchsbaum


All in Print China 2018 to showcase innovation

In the 1990s, the United States first put forward the concept of intelligent manufacturing. Today, countries are offering different strategies on how to implement intelligent manufacturing such as the “National Network for Manufacturing Innovation“ of  USA; “Industry 4.0” in Germany and much of Europe; and the “Industrial Value Chain” within Japan. China, which continues to grow economically, has entitled their strategy “Made in China 2025”. This means that over the next nine years, China will accelerate the integration of new generations of information technology within their burgeoning manufacturing industry. The technological transformation of China’s printing equipment sector is accelerating along with other growth programs.

As one way to showcase and illustrate internationally the steep growth curve, from the 24 through 28 October 2018, the 7th All in Print China will be held in Shanghai’s New International Expo Centre. With nine halls spread over an area of more than 110,000 square meters, the new theme of AIP 2018 is “Enter the Era of Intelligent Printing.”

All in Print China 2016 covered over 80,000 square metres of exhibition space, the 724 exhibitors at the trade fair constituted a new record. More importantly, with over 76,800 visitors, it achieved a 24.2% increase over the previous event. Accordingly, 2018 will be larger and geared towards an even higher number of visitors.

All in Print is jointly organised by the Printing Technology Association of China, the China Academy of Printing Technology and Messe Düsseldorf (Shanghai). The trade fair is part of Messe Düsseldorf’s global portfolio for printing technologies which also includes the world leading trade fair drupa, the  “number one” for printing and converting technologies.

Talkfest successfully held as planning continues

Throughout the evening of 7 September 2017, the 7th AIP talkfest was held in Shenzhen, attended by more than 50 representatives, including leaders from the organisers which included director general Wang Yanbin, honorary director General Wu Wenxiang and secretary general Chen Yingxin from the Printing Technology Association of China; president Chu Tingliang of China Academy of Printing Technology, general manager Axel Bartkus of Messe Düsseldorf (Shanghai), general manager Chang Xiaoxia and deputy general manager Li Xin from Beijing Keyin Media & Culture Co. Additionally, leaders from foreign and domestic printing machinery suppliers such as Komori, HP, Kodak, Founder Group, Basch, Yuncheng Plate Making Group, Shanghai Yinzhi, Zhejiang Zhengrun, Guowang Group, Shengtu, Zhengbo, Kingswood, Bolaite, Guanli, Huawei, China Paper, Yueyang Paper, MCC Paper, Uni-M Tech and Meiyin Tech were also in attendance. Rounding out the group were leaders from famous printing enterprises in Guangzhou such as Guangzhou Printing and Packaging and QL-ART, and media representatives from China Printing, Printing Technology, and Printing Manager. Discussion and communication was carried out in a relaxing atmosphere as delegates made proposals for the improvement and upgrading of next year’s All in Print China.

Numerous Highlights reflect Market Trends

A highlight at All in Print China will be the eight exhibition segments entitled “Digital Pre-Press”, “Comprehensive Printing”, “Post-Press Converting”, “Packaging Equipment”, “Ink & Innovative Materials”, “Label Industry”, “Flexo Technology” and “Innovation Factory”. These reflect the various aspects of the industrial value-added production chain.

Launched in 2016, the “Innovation Factory Pavilion” picks up on cutting-edge technologies like 3D printing, functional printing, green printing, the smart factory as well as virtual and augmented reality technologies. In the pavilion, visitors can familiarise themselves with the latest trends in digital printing and also test new applications and options. A new special area for corrugated cardboard and flexible packaging aims to promote interaction between the printing and packaging industries.

How’s the digital printing market in China?

Studies suggest that in 2015, the global market value of digital printing accounted for over 13.9% of the printing and packaging industry. That figure is expected to rise sharply beyond 17.5% or higher by 2020. Thanks to the cloud computing, big data, and mobile Internet technologies, the digital printing industry is entering a new domain with huge market potential, high added value and production. Globally it has already begun to merge with the traditional printing technologies. How is the digital printing market in China?

According to the report “2016 digital printing in China”, the volume of China’s production digital printing equipment continues to grow, and the application field is refined year by year. The operation of digital printing enterprises has been improved comprehensively, and the majority of enterprises have developed steadily in the market competition. Internet printing is an important trend in the future, and the direction of corporate investment is more clear.

By the end of 2015, 50% of the printing companies had adopted internet printing into their daily workflow and business. In the “Digital Pre-press Pavilion” of All in Print China 2018, visitors will acquaint themselves with new trends in digital printing, test new applications, explore new opportunities and grasp new printing technologies. In addition to this digital pavilion, the show will also present cutting-edge equipment and technologies from other areas, such as “Post-press”, “Comprehensive Prin­ting”, “Printing Packaging”, “Label”, “Flexo Printing” and “Innovative Printing Materials”.

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