Comexi – Flexible packaging opportunities in the e-commerce market

Examples of lightweight flexible packaging (Source: Esko)

SPAIN • Safety and efficiency are the key issues in transport today, and flexible packaging can make a major contribution to them and to ensuring product quality and safety. As Packaging Digest says, flexible packaging’s unique attributes provide an opportunity to tackle some of e-commerce’s biggest sustainability challenges. 

Flexible packaging is the lightweight alternative that can be used to eradicate the costs associated with production, damage, replacement parts, returns, waste and shipping by allowing logistics companies to transport more product with less.


This type of packaging is the perfect solution for e-commerce professionals working with a tight budget. Furthermore, high-barrier flexible packaging solutions add an extra layer of safety when dealing with sharp products that might increase the risk of puncture or damage during the shipping and handling process. Flexible packaging employing laminated films can provide enhanced protection against the myriad ways that food can be spoiled by air, moisture and sunlight. For instance, the shelf life of certain types of produce in flexible packaging can be up to five times longer than in traditional forms of packaging.

The switch to flexible packaging benefits manufacturers by reducing weight and costs in warehousing and shipping, reducing energy during production, and by enhancing sustainability. Retailers benefit from reduced weight/size and demand for shelf space, improved graphics to attract customer attention, and improved shelf life, whilst customers can be offered convenient features that weren’t available on cans or jars, as well as better tasting food products.

According to the Flexible Packaging Association (FPA), one truckload of flexible packaging is equivalent to 26 truckloads of glass jars. Flexible packaging also offers a higher product to packaging ratio, an especially important feature as carriers switch to charging by size in addition to weight (dimensional or dim weight). Sustainability has become an important goal for companies striving to minimize their environmental impact and flexible packaging is being positioned as a possible solution for achieving this.

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