Cosmo Films – New barrier film and other products for FachPack

cosmo films

GERMANY • Cosmo Films announced it will be showcasing its range of packaging films especially barrier films, at the upcoming FachPack show from 27 to 29 September in Nuremberg at Stand 09-416. Some of the barrier films on display are as follows:

Broad Seal & High Hot Tack Barrier Films: This category of metalized films is a new addition to the range of the compan’s barrier films. These metalized films having a broad heat seal range and hot tack have been designed to run on high speed machines and can be used for medium size food packs.


High Moisture Barrier Films: These are metalized films used for sandwich lamination in shampoo sachets, dry milk powder, powdered drinks sachets/packs and snack foods, where loss of moisture is a concern.

Aroma Barrier Films: These are transparent barrier films typically used for coffee/tea, spices, chewing gum and perfume boxes overwrapping.

High Oxygen Barrier Films: These films have both excellent oxygen and gas barrier properties and are used for packaging of cream biscuits, chocolates, chips and snacks.

The company will also be showcasing Cold Seal Release Films meant for packaging of ice creams, chocolates and confectionary in gloss, matte and white varieties. Some of the new packaging films such as universal lidding films and heat sealable matte film would also be on display at the exhibition.

Universal Lidding Films: These films are mono layered BOPP films, which can take printing on one side and can be sealed with the other. They are referred as universal lidding films as they can be sealed with any of the thermoplastic containers such as PP, PVC, HDPE, HIPS and PET. Available in white opaque cavitated and semi transparent varieties, they can be used as easy peelable lid on packed drinking water glasses, meal trays, butter trays, fresh fruit containers and milk containers to name a few.

Heat Sealable Matte Films: These are both side heat sealable matte films with low seal initiation temperature, specially designed for lap seal. Besides the packaging range, Cosmo will be showcasing its range of top coated labelstock films, in-mould label films and wrap around label films.

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