Enulec Electrostatics – Penetrating ESA through all types of film substrates

ESA Roto Film Pro has integrated complete static controls while incorporating ramp up power control for safe ESA power levels at start-up

GERMANY • Esa Roto Film Pro is the latest development from Enulec. According to the company, it enables gravure printers to print onto film with a capacitance free technology. Enulec is going to show the Esa Roto Film Pro and other technologies at K 2016 in Dusseldorf in Hall 11, Stand H62.

ESA Roto Film Pro – Complete static controls are integrated

The company argues that this technology penetrates ESA through all types of film substrates with a balanced charge program. The program was designed to counteract the double layer charge that can exist in films throughout the printing and converting processes.

The system has integrated complete static controls while incorporating ramp up power control for safe ESA power levels at start-up. It continuously reads the complete resistance of the ESA system relative to the process to further enhance safety and to keep the operator informed of ESA roll resistance details. According to Enulec, this is necessary to provide safe ESA operation.

Enulec in-line static measurement – How it works

The company argues that in-line static measurement working together with Enulec active antistatic bars are a solution for the entire converting process from the manufacturing of the film through printing and converting.

The in-line static process control system works with a combination of permanently fixed in-line static measurement probes located inbound and outbound of the presses and laminators. Additionally, real-time static level data are displayed and stored onto the Enulec touchscreen control panel.

Furthermore, a combination of surface discharge bars are applied in conjunction with the Enulec antistatic bars to bring static line static down. These bars impede the film surface with a polarized balance of positive and negative charges that populate beneath the film surface resulting in a reduction of static voltage.

The current situation of Enulec – Expanding and sales growth

Enulec is currently expanding in addition to their manufacturing facility near Hamburg. The company seeks to increase manufacture space to support the growth projected for years to come.

Enules states that this year more than 700 ESA were booked into production and the company continues to grow sales by 20% annually.

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