Flexo & Gravure Global – Surveys the market about Flexo printing formes

GERMANY • The editors of Flexo & Gravure Global are interested in surveying our readers and the industry about their thoughts on the status, importance and future of flexo printing formes.

Flexo & Gravure Global surveys the market about the importance of flexo printing formes (Source, reproflex3)

The dominant position of the flexo process in the field of package printing is primarily due to the printing forme (plates and sleeve systems). Many technical innovations and developments like flat top dots, the structured surface of printing dots and material optimization in general have contributed to significant increases in flexo print quality.

In order to further differentiate between the current and future status of flexo printing formes, whether it be plates or sleeve systems, Flexo & Gravure Global asked several suppliers of printing formes and prepress service companies for their opinions.

Although already printed in the current issue, over the next several days, we will publish the responses we received here on our website. But we welcome and encourage any interested reader to send in their own responses to buchsbaum@gk-techmedia.com to the following questions:

  1. Is there any further optimisation potential for flexo plate-making (plates, sleeves) processes?
  2. Does fixed colour palette printing contribute to a further increase the performance in flexo printing?
  3. The aim of Industry 4.0 or Print 4.0 respectively is the comprehensive networking and automation of the whole production chain. During drupa 2016, suppliers like Esko, Vianord and AV Flexologic introduced solutions for the further automation of the flexo plate-making processes. Do you consider this as indicative of a trend towards a sustainable change of the whole flexo industry?


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