Flexoday 2018 – ATIF event gathered the international flexo community

About 450 people gathered at Flexoday 2018 for an update on technical matters about flexo (Source: Maria Lombardi)

ITALY • Flexoday is the state-of-the-art event of the Italian flexo community, attracting also attendees on an international level. Held in Bologna on 21 November and organised by ATIF, it gathered 450 people for an update on technical matters about flexo. Wim Buyle, vice President of FTA Europe, moderated the presentations of Italian and international speakers. 

Marco Gambardella, the new ATIF president, opened the day and highlighted the importance of this association for research on flexo and for support to education and training program. Every year an award of “Best Student in Flexo” is acknowledged and he, together with Sante Conselvan – who this year sponsored the prize with his I&C company – awarded Andrea Zambito from Scuola Padre Monti.


Education and training includes preparation of documents. The topic of the next ATIF paper (Document 11) is the significance of anilox rollers and was explained by Tito Lo Priore, technical engineer at Praxair and member of the ATIF technical committee. Training are handled by Stefano D’Andrea and Sergio Molino, who spoke about the activity at the ATIF technological centre in Como. They worked to fine-tune the small CI four-colour flexo press. Once the press machine is ready it will be available to ATIF members for test runs.

A bright perspective of the flexo market was given by Andrea Caselli from UTECO. He introduced the results of some researches, which show a growing trend of the flexo applications in the printing market and even more in the new electronic circuit and biomedical applications. Eliano Apicella, purchase director of packaging material at Barilla, showed the point of view of a brand owner, that is committed in reducing the environment impact of their packaging. Francesco Lettieri from Rossini explained the role of the printing sleeve and its evolution, with the recent introduction of lighter and more performing composite material.

The afternoon was dedicated to the international session. Speakers were Christian Apenberg (DuPont), Eléonore Samier (Wipak Spain), and the winner at the 2018 Diamond Award, Danielle Kinsella (Hamillroad UK).

Marco Gambardella closed the event inviting people to join at the International packaging conference organized by Intergraf (21 February 2019) and the Flexoday Sud in Salerno (21 March 2019).

A more detailed report on the event will be published in issue 1-2019 of Flexo & Gravure Global

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