KYMC – Open house at Werthan Packaging (photo gallery)

USA • A joint open house was held by KYMC and Werthan Packaging in White House, Tennessee on 25-26 October. The event hosted more than 130 attendees between the two days, who saw the new generation of a KYMC 10-color Euroflex gearless press demonstrating machine automation for job changeover and set-up.

The Euroflex press was delivered to the plant in February 2016. A live demonstration at the open house started with a 7-color surface print on coated paper plus UV varnish on downstream station. The I-regi was first demonstrated after the press was started — this is an automatic register setting operated while machine is stopped and wastes less than 50 meters to set the register. The press was then ramped up to the cruise speed of 366 m/min (1,200 fpm) to show how precise the register is held and how quite the machine runs.

A second job was demonstrated to show a change over and set-up of the new job. It took less than 30 minutes to change the job from 7 + 1 colour surface print on paper to 8-colour reverse print on PET, including auto wash of all decks to change ink from Flint to INX, web threading change to bypass UV stations, and to reverse monitoring mode of treading at the place of camera. The press operator then demonstrated the Smart Impression setting — with this system, the impression pressure setting can be done within minutes with very small amount of waste.

The press is started with the speed of 15 m/min (50 fpm), and the machine camera then takes 8X print images from 4X different print positions on both sides of each colour automatically. After the sample images were collected, the machine was stopped automatically. The operator then selected the best print pressure from those sample images shown on the monitor deck by deck. Once the select procedure is done, and the press is re-started, all print decks will move to the best print position automatically according to the images selected. The operator decides the best print pressure, not the machine, and the operation of the system is carried out while the machine is idle. From the moment the operator restarted the press after the job was changed until the pressure and register were set for all decks, the total waste was 1,800 feet (548 metres).

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