Omet –Breaks into Middle Eastern market at Iran Print-Pack

Naim Yavuz (Naem Global Packaging) between Babek Abidini (Iran Printing Association President) and Ali Asghar Kiaee(Photo Credit: Omet)

IRAN • At the International Iran Print-Pack 2016 held in Teheran from the 25th through the 28th of December, the Italian headquartered Omet was represented by the agent Naem Global packaging brand.

Naem was able to schedule several installations for 2017 and create collaborations with local institutions for a series of education courses on current business topics.


Naim Yavuz (Naem Global Packaging) between Babek Abidini (Iran Printing Association President) and Ali Asghar Kiaee (Image: Omet)

Omet is one of the first Italian companies to enter the Iranian market. With a population of over 70 million inhabitants, like the rest of this nation’s economy, the packaging printing business is also growing. The 23rd edition of the International Iran Print-Pack confirmed the sector’s relevance drawing over 500 exhibitors and many visitors.

“In the next five years, this will be one of the most promising markets for us,” said Naim Yavuz, Omet’s agent for Iran and Turkey. “We want to contribute to the growth and spread of global standards in this area by helping local institutions promote technical and educational training about label printing technologies and processes,” he said. According to Omet, the first lessons will be about anilox technology and die-cutting process–with a focus on problem solving.

Omet also sponsors four scholarships dedicated to students receiving their first academic courses in label printing. Student programs are organized by the IPIEU (Iranian Print Industry Exporters Union) in collaboration with the Color Research and Development Center of the Iranian Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, and the Iranian Chamber of Commerce, and Ministry of Culture. The curriculum includes discussing some of the technologies used in labelling, along with resins, digital printing, color management and environmental sustainability. There will also be tours of a few companies operating in the print sector.

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