Part 6: Steve Langstaff (Innovia Films)

Survey among package printers: Looking back into 2017 and trends in 2018

Steve Langstaff (Product Development Manager Innovia Films) (Source: Innovia Films)
In late 2017 and early 2018, Flexo & Gravure Global asked several package print shops and converters about their opinion on the past year and their estimations on trends and challenges for 2018. In the sixth part of this survey, Steve Langstaff, product development manager for Innovia Films talks about the ever increasing plastic packaging…

Amut/Erema – Open house: From PET bottles straight to packaging

Michael Buchberger, sales manager, and Christoph Wöss, business development manager, in front of the Vacurema in the production hall at Erema (Source: Erema)
ITALY • Both companies invite guests to experience the closed material loop of PET first-hand from 28 to 31 May 2018. Washed post-consumer PET bottle flakes will be recycled live at the Amut headquarters in Novara, Italy, to make food contact grade thermoforming sheet in a direct process.