Spring Coating Systems – Ecofriendly rinsing detergent for flexo plates

Ecowash is an ecofriendly detergent for photopolymer flexo plates produced by French company Spring Coating Systems (Source, G&K TechMedia)
FRANCE • Ecowash is an ecofriendly processing solvent for photopolymer flexo plates manufactured by the French company Spring Coating Systems that complies with all relevant health regulations. It is designed to be a low odour, non-toxic and user-friendly substance. In addition, the company claims that it offers improved plated quality compared to other products of…

Comexi –Commercial structure in Italy and Southeast Europe strengthened

Andrea Campani will serve the areas of Italy and Southeast Europe (Source, Comexi)
SPAIN • The provider of solutions for the flexible packaging converting industry has strengthened its commercial team in Italy and Southeast Europe with the addition of Andrea Campani as the company’s area manager in this zone. With 27 years of experience in the production of machinery and equipment for flexible packaging, he has extensive knowledge in…

SAM – Coating and laminating solutions at ICE Europe

A coating solution by Korean company SAM (Source: SAM)
SOUTH KOREA • With subsidiaries in Europe and North America, SAM (Sung An Machinery) provides a portfolio of converting equipment including coating and laminating machines for paper, film and foil with coating stations for 100% solid, water and solvent based coating medias, turret winders, air flotation and support roll dryers, remoisturizerers and web handling. A full…

Siemens – Motion control systems on display at ICE Europe

The Siemens Simotion motion control solution for converting machines (Source: Siemens)
GERMANY • Siemens has expanded its Simotion motion control solutions for converting machines to include prismatic winding and learning error compensation (Leco). Prismatic winding compensates for path length differences on non-circular winding bodies. The converting machines with the new, optimized functions will be on display during ICE Europe (Hall A6, Stand 336).

Siegwerk – Plastic packaging business from Schekolin acquired

Siegwerk took over Schekolin’s line of plastic tubes and laminates (Source: Siegwerk)
Germany • In February, Siegwerk Druckfarben, an international supplier of printing inks for packaging applications and labels purchased the business unit “Plastic Tubes and Laminates” from Schekolin AG, a provider of packaging lacquers located in Liechtenstein. With this acquisition, Siegwerk broadened its portfolio by adding specialty UV varnishes suitable for plastic packaging including rigid tubes.