DuPont, 3M — Flexo conference held with LLC Repro Studio Dialog

The event had more than 100 participants, representatives of flexo printing industry from all regions of Ukraine and the Republic of Belarus, Azerbaijan and Poland
UKRAINE • On 28 October, 3M, in partnership with DuPont Advanced Printing Cyrel and LLC Repro Studio Dialog, Ukraine, arranged an international flexo conference, “Optimization of the technological process at the flexo printing industry: modern technologies, ways to achieve high and precise printing quality”.

Vetaphone – New film tester released

Vetaphone has a patent application for its new iCorona Film Tester, which is designed to analyse the amount of surface treatment required for any given substrate
DENMARK • The difficulty with Corona treatment is that most converters know they need it, but don’t know whether they are using it correctly – it is not a “set and forget” technology! The inventors of Corona, Vetaphone, have come up with a solution that will make a converter’s life easier – a testing machine. 

Water-based cleaning system for anilox rollers

The enpurex cleaning innovation is a physical cleaning principle which works in three steps: 1 = Infiltration and diffusion into the ink layer, 2 = Fragmentation of ink and 3 = Removal after a water rinse.
This article describes a cleaning system (enpurex from bubbles & beyond) for anilox rollers and gravure cylinders tested under laboratory and field conditions by the Leipzig University of Applied Science at the recently established HTWK’s faculty iP³ Leipzig (Institute of Printing, Processing and Packaging, Leipzig/D).