Lohmann – A multiple winner at the FTA Europe Diamond Awards

With a total of 11 victories in various categories, Lohmann is involved in one third of all prizes at this year's FTA Diamond Award ceremony (Source: Lohmann)
GERMANY • The presentation of the FTA “Europe Diamond Awards” took place during the recent Print4All trade fair in Milan/Italy and honours the best international results in flexo printing. More than 240 participants from the European flexographic printing community participated in this year’s awards in 14 categories.

More diverse technical capabilities under one company umbrella

An interview with Karl Fritchen, president of Baldwin Vision Systems, on the acquisition of QuadTech and PC Industries

Karl Fritchen, president of Baldwin Vision Systems, answers questions around the acquisition, explains the market impact of this agreement, and shares his ideas for the company moving forward (Source: Baldwin)
In late 2017, both QuadTech and PC Industries were acquired by Baldwin Technology Company Inc., a manufacturer and supplier of process-automation equipment and related consumables for the printing, packaging and other industrial segments. In this interview, Karl Fritchen, answers questions around the acquisition, explains the impact this agreement will have on the industry and the…

Screening technology for expanded colour gamut printing 

A narrow web sample, printed at MPS in Holland. The sample uses Bellissima DMS, Apex GTT anilox, MacDermid Graphics Solutions' LUX ITP 60 plates. The sample includes a panel of perfectly smooth screen tint builds to simulate spot colours (Source: Hamillroad)
Andy Cave Whatever name you know it by – fixed palette, Expanded Colour Gamut (ECG), extended process, N-colour, or something else – the objective is the same: To simulate spot colours using screen tint builds of four or more colours to provide more choice to brand owners while increasing production throughput and reducing costs. The…

Kampf – Among the Top 100 innovation leaders in 2018

(Left to right:) Dr Stephan Witt (COO Kampf), Ranga Yogeshwar, and Lutz Busch (CEO Kampf) accepted the TOP 100 trophy (Source: KD Busch/compamedia)
GERMANY • For the 25th time, the TOP 100 competition selected the most innovative mid-sized companies in Germany. Among these leaders this year is Kampf Schneid- und Wickeltechnik. In the independent selection process, the company was particularly convincing in the categories “climate of innovation” and “innovation success”.