Dürr – Company acquires KBA-CleanAir, strengthens position in exhaust air purification technology

Exhaust air purification systems from KBA-CleanAir are used in the printing industry, dye and paint manufacturing, surface treatment, and the chemicals industry.
GERMANY • In mid-December, Dürr Group announced the acquisition of the KBA-CleanAir section of KBA-MetalPrint GmbH. Through this purchase, Dürr is strengthening its market position in exhaust air purification technology and expanding the technology portfolio of its Clean Technology Systems environmental technology division.

IMS Deltamatic – Coeclerici S.p.A. becomes majority shareholder

IMS Deltamatic is a prime example of Italian industrial excellence whose value is recognised and appreciated all over the world,” commented Paolo Clerici, chairman and chief executive at Coeclerici S.p.A.
ITALY • As 2016 came to an end, IMS Deltamatic strengthened its capital structure thanks to an investment by Coeclerici S.p.A. assuming a majority stake (67%) in the company that will better enable growth on a global scale.

Linx Printing – New models extend laser coding capabilities

The Linx CSL10 (10 watt) and CSL30 (30 watt) laser coders feature more powerful processing boards that are able to relay messages from the control unit to the marking head more quickly, delivering higher speeds.
UK • Linx Printing Technologies has launched two laser coders in their CSL range that can provide faster printing speeds and greater versatility. The Linx CSL10 (10 watt) and CSL30 (30 watt) laser coders feature more powerful processing boards that are able to relay messages from the control unit to the marking head more quickly, delivering…

Lohmann – 2016 was an award winning year for Lohmann’s customers

Winners for the “Best use of flexo within a single form”: Midland Regional Printers (L-R) Awards host, Matt Le Tissier; Managing director, Steve Bates and Catherine Tew, sales and marketing, Midland Regional Printers (MRP); Silvia Castellato, senior market manager, market and product management graphics EMEA, Lohmann Adhesive Tape Systems; Stephen Tew, founder and Matt Seaford, business development manager, MRP.
GERMANY • Last year Lohmann’s Graphics Market Segment was proud to see so many of their international customers receiving high levels of recognition by various industry associations.

Siegwerk – Investment in a new laminator improves the “European Center of Excellence”

Siegwerk’s new nordmeccanica Labo Combi adds state-of-the-art laminating capabilities to the existing testing skills at their European “Center of Competence”.
GERMANY • As the new year began, Siegwerk, one of the leading providers of printing inks for flexible packaging, announced they had added a nordmeccanica group’s Labo Combi 400 laminator to the company’s Technical Center for the Flexible Packaging business unit.

Tetra Pak – New version of the Tetra Brik Aseptic 1000 Edge is now 80% renewable

Tetra Pak
The new version of the Tetra Brik Aseptic 1000 Edge with a bio-based LightCap 30 is another major step towards those sustainability goals.
SWITZERLAND • Continuing a long history of environmental responsibility, back in 2012 Tetra Pak challenged itself to develop sustainable products, use 100% FSC-certified paperboard, produce a 100% renewable package, achieve a 40% global recycling rate and cap the company’s climate impact across the value chain at 2010 levels by 2020.

CCE International – Conference in Munich to present techniques for producing, printing and converting corrugated and folding cartons

CCE International
In 2017, CCE International attendees and visitors will be able to meet with more than 150 providers of raw materials, machines, accessories and services who will present them with cutting-edge technologies, manufacturing systems and the latest solutions for the production and conversion of corrugated and carton board.
GERMANY • For three days beginning on the 21st of March 2017, CCE International, Europe’s only exhibition exclusively targeted to the corrugated and folding carton industry, will open at the Munich Trade Fair Centre in Germany.

API – Micro Glitter Holofoil like a second skin to VINIQ Shimmery Liqueur

The Micro Glitter foil, part of API’s Holofoil range, is applied to the retail display box by Pacific Southwest Container (PSC). It creates sparkling waves of light that emanate from a printed image of the Viniq Shimmery Liqueur bottle. This graphic display is designed to represent the effect of the liqueur when it is poured into a glass.
USA • API`s new Micro Glitter holographic foil is enhancing the image of E & J Gallo Winery´s Viniq Shimmery Liqueur on the company´s retail display box.

Schur Flexibles Group – introduces a new line of thin packaging for confectionaries

Schur Flexibles
It is no longer just enough to look good, but now a package must feel good to the touch, especially candy wrappers. Schur Flexibles has introduced a new line of packaging that does both.
AUSTRIA • At the ProSweets conference scheduled to take place from 29 January to 1 February 2017 in Cologne, the Schur Flexibles Group will be introducing a new line of super thin materials for the confectionary industry including several waxed paper solutions and laminates that have a papery, almost homemade look and feel.