Mondi – Polish PakStar 2016 awards for corrugated packaging

The company’s recyclable waste separation system won an award for enabling companies and organisers of large events to quickly install waste units on the premises for collection and separation of waste material
POLAND • Mondi announced it won awards for three of its corrugated packaging solutions at the 8th Polish packaging competition PakStar 2016. The official PakStar awards ceremony will take place in September 2016 during the International Trade Fair of Packaging Technology and Labelling (TAROPAK) in Poznań.

Chromasens – New print inspection system for colour management

The device-independent colour measurement is based on the ISO 13655 standard so that colour formats from RGB over CIE-L*a*b* to spectral data can be computed
GERMANY • Chromasens announced its new print inspection system, Truescan, can handle expanded colour environments that other inspection methods can not. The number of colours in print production has increased from CMYK conventional process colour inks to new dimensions like Hexachrome and Octachrome printing.

Bobst – Higher 2016 sales, debt, lower cash flow compared to 2015

Sales in web-fed unit are down, and although sales in the sheet-fed unit are up, bookings are down 6% compared to 2015; the service unit sales increased thanks to contract business and newly hired field technicians
SWITZERLAND • The Bobst Group announced its first half in 2016 with sales up 14%, at about EUR 553.5 million, compared to approximately EUR 483.7 million in the previous year. However the report also stated a steep increase in net debt as well as a decrease in cash inflow from operating activities.