ACE – Cleaning and static elimination technologies under spotlight

A selection of ACE’s electrostatic print assist products for gravure printing (Source: ACE)

ITALY • At Milan, the company will display some of its technological products: the newest AR 750 contact web cleaner and the HC contactless cleaning head with regard to dust removal. (Hall 18 Stand F16-G16)

Inline Stat is a the static elimination system driven by sensors and self-setting to the real ionizing power required in real time. Under spotlights, the new patented ESA24V electrostatic print assist system for gravure printing is based on the concept of 100% safety and fire prevention. Thanks to shrunken electronic, the system is providing 24V power down into the bars bodies. Therefore, no external generators and no connectors is needed and the system provides high missing dots recovery in the safer environment. Cut Cleaner is the latest patented system and safety and efficiency are the distinguishing factors for the hyper-technological dust removal system specifically designed to clear cutting and slitting area from any kind of dust that cut action generates.


A selection of ACE’s electrostatic print assist products for gravure printing (Source: ACE)


As a innovation, the system combines the air blowing action with ionization to keep the blade cool and free from dust build up, while a vacuuming system removes all the freed dust and particles from inside the quick mounting/removing transparent hood, closing the free part of the knife-holder. Customers and OEMs from industry branches such as packaging, printing, converting, tissue, and non-woven will find their high-tech solution at ACE booth.

For ACE, years of continuous growth and increasing market shares are the prize for heavy investments in research and technological improvements. 2017 saw a turnover of +35% while ACE consolidated the technical local support base in China and India.


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