Interview with Fabrizio Imarisio from Cerutti Packaging Equipment

ITALY • We took the chance to talk to Fabrizio Imarisio from Cerutti Packaging Equipment during the Print4All show in Milan. In this interview he presents the new gravure press R98X.



What are the main innovations that you present at Print4All?
Fabrizio Imarisio: The innovation in 2018 is the new ventilation system for our R98X gravure press, which includes new drying hoods for effective drying operations.

What are you aiming for with the R98X?

Fabrizio Imarisio: The R98X is really focused on improving the efficiency in order to save time during the job change-over not only on the machine but also offline.

What has the R98X to offer with respect to accessibility?

Fabrizio Imarisio: We wanted to improve the accessibility for the operator. So you can easily access through a transit to the inner side of the line to clean, maintain, check and so on.

What are the benefits of this gravure printing press in terms of job preparation?

Fabrizio Imarisio: Every part of the equipment was designed in order to be very user-friendly and very simple to handle like for example, when I do the job preparation offline when the machine is running, any part of the printing unit to be assembled offline will be without the use of any tool. So it’s very easy to assemble the new trolley to prepare the printing unit for the next production.

Which degree of automation offers this gravure press?

Fabrizio Imarisio: Once you bring the new parts ready for the next job, you will enjoy an almost automated job change-over. So the operator has to do very few manual operations and most of the operation are done by automatic system.


What about pre-setting possibilities during job change?

Fabrizio Imarisio: Many parts are perceptible so once the operator has set the main parameters and main specifications of the new job, the machine automatically “knows” the position of all elements of the printing units and the respective rollers and cylinders. So, all these adjustments and movements are done by automatic mode. The operator needs just to check and he can follow on the touchscreen what is going on with the machine during job change-over.



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