Print4All survey – Part 6

Sante Conselvan (GAMA; FTA Europe)

Sante Conselvan - Managing director GAMA Group; President FTA Europe (Source: G&K TechMedia)(Photo Credit: The Italian Maker)

With Print4All, show organiser Fiera Milano offers a new event show concept to the printing and converting industries. Flexo & Gravure Global asked some exhibitors about their opinion concerning their assessment of the new concept and their individual expectations and products on display.

Sante Conselvan – Managing director GAMA Group; President FTA Europe (Source: G&K TechMedia) (Image: The Italian Maker)



1) What are your expectations for Print4All?

Print4All is a unique and innovative event: five shows concentrated in one with the great opportunity for the packaging community to be involved in the total process. This means they can see the advanced solutions for all the supply chain, from the design of the product to its shipment. We are sure that European clients and clients from the Mediterranean area, including North Africa, will attend.

2) Why should industry professionals attend?  

As I mentioned before: Buy one, have five! It is the most important international event before drupa 2020, but also a great moment to see technology solutions for publishing, commercial and package printing. Also on show will be equipment for food producers, plastic producers and solutions for logistic/handling systems.

3) What will be special or unique about this trade show and conference?

Flexo4All represents a great opportunity to share a vision of the future of print and packaging, to discover how social media can be part of the production process and over the state of play of the Industry 4.0.

4) What will your company be highlighting and showcasing?

We have a great chance to meet converters, press suppliers, ink suppliers and to show the range of our solutions. Nevertheless, we will share ideas and think about common projects, including the cooperation for new solutions to improve quality, reduce costs and increase production. Our R&D department is focusing on finalizing some new products such as ink control systems for the corrugated market; in-line density and viscosity control systems; ink print quantity systems; photopolymer solvent cleaning systems; automatic sleeve storage devices and more.

5) What else are you looking forward to seeing, learning or being a part of at Print4All?

We are ready for any challenge. We are planning to participate in some events like congresses, seminaries, the FTA Europe Award and more. Our goal is to improve our vision and to see where we are going in the near future with the new digital, robotic and energy power solutions for a better life and environment. In Italy we say “gli esami non finiscono mai”, that means we always have to listen and study to improve our knowledge.


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