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The printing industry in the Industry 4.0 era

ITALY • Besides showcasing innovation, Print4All offers a platform of events through which industry players can acquire useful tools to make their business more competitive, while getting to know the latest market trends and discovering new creative ideas. In no fixed order, we will introduce the single events.

The printing industry in the Industry 4.0 era


One of the main topics of the entire event will be “Industry 4.0” to which every sector must adapt. It will be an opportunity to take stock of the ongoing changes and find the best ways to face them. The event “Driving the Change” will analyse how the new industrial era is changing processes and professions in all sectors. It will do so through the contribution of institutions and companies.

To better understand the status of Italian companies and draw inspiration from the choices of those who have been more foresighted, Print4All will present the results of six months of research conducted by Federazione Carta e Grafica, which has mapped the application level of the Industry 4.0 practices.

Other events will dig deep into specific aspects related to the industry 4.0 revolution. For example, how the way we communicate products is changing and thus the opportunities that may arise from using ennobling printing techniques, which can make consumers shift from paper to digital media and vice-versa, taking them through new sensory experiences.

Finally, “Print Matters for the Future: Print 4.0” – the international conference on the future of the printing industry organised by Intergraf – will focus on the relationship between printing, IT and digitisation, outlining how sharing knowledge and the relationship between industry leaders can help face the common challenges of this sector.

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