AVT – Joins with X-Rite to certify the SpectraLab II color measurement system

AVT’s SpectraLab II Color Measurement System is now compliant with X-Rite’s XRGA Standard(Photo Credit: AVT)

Israel • Print inspection, process control and quality assurance company AVT has entered into a licensing agreement with color technology specialist X-Rite.

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AVT’s SpectraLab II Color Measurement System is now compliant with X-Rite’s XRGA Standard (Image: AVT)

The new partnership certifies that AVT’s SpectraLab II Color Measurement System is compliant with X-Rite’s XRGA Standard. Going forward, AVT will be offering an XRGA certification for its SpectraLab solutions.


Developed as an ISO-compliant metrology standard for the graphic arts industry, according to AVT, the XRGA standard utilizes both advances in color science and new international standards to reduce color measurement discrepancies, and to optimize color measurement across multivendor color networks.

Working in a production environment with multiple departments or different sites, the problem of color inconsistency is well known. Often this inconsistency is a direct result of using different devices to monitor color. SpectraLab II, which was introduced at Drupa 2016, is AVT’s newest in-line spectral measurement product, designed to function with various label substrates, paper, cartons, and transparent flexible packaging. The solution’s standardized design is compatible with typical industry devices, including X-Rite’s handheld monitoring instruments.

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