Bauer Logistik – New flexo sleeve rack

The new rack for flexo sleeves by Bauer Logistik can accommodate 725 sleeves (Source: Heliograph)

GERMANY • In keeping with the Heliograph Group strategy, Bauer Logistik expanded its storage product range by developing a new rack for flexo sleeves.

The basic system is made of steel and features a three-axis crane with a servomotor drive that ensures the gripper can be inserted into and grip the center of the sleeves with millimeter precision. To safely store the sleeves, the development team at Bauer has opted for a two-level honeycomb-shaped system that ensures the sleeves are held securely in a vertical position. Plastic honeycomb panels have been chosen to protect the sleeves from damage.


With a footprint measuring 9 x 8 metres (30 ft x 26 ft), the currently installed system can accommodate 725 sleeves. However, the system can be extended to any length along the crane’s direction of travel. The sleeves are inserted and removed using a specially developed cylinder cart. Alternatively, a pallet system could also be used.

As it is completely enclosed with a locking security door at the input and output station, the system complies with the relevant CE standard. The cylinder data can be managed offline via the integrated storage management program’s own database. In addition, the storage software can also be linked to the customer’s ERP system.

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