Bobst – CL850D laminator for Vietnam

The CL 850D laminator for cold-formed foil pharma packaging to be installed at Constantia Flexibles’ subsidiary Oai Hung of Vietnam (Source: Bobst)

SWITZERLAND • The company supplies a CL 850D laminator for cold-formed foil pharma packaging to Constantia Flexibles’ subsidiary Oai Hung of Vietnam.

This purchase is part of the Constantia Flexibles Group investment to expand the operations of Oai Hung Manufacturing Joint Stock Co., that it is part of its pharma division since 2016. The CL 850D is due for delivery and installation in the cleanroom of the company’s state-of-the-art production facility in Ho-Chi-Minh City in the second half of 2018.


The CL 850D laminator for cold-formed foil pharma packaging to be installed at Constantia Flexibles’ subsidiary Oai Hung of Vietnam (Source: Bobst)


Cold-formed foil packaging

Cold-formed foil packaging is a complex process both in terms of the actual material functionality and compliance with pharma regulations, and in terms of process workflow, operational efficiency and profitability. This is why Constantia Oai Hung and Bobst collaborated closely on the features of the CL 850D in order to meet all the exact specifications relating to output requirements and expected machine performance.

The most complex type of production run on the CL 850D will be an OPA-Alu-foil-PVC triplex compound structure. The guarantee of 100% barrier to external agents and the resistance to stress and puncture of the material, is an essential part of the process even under extreme conditions. Both during the various production processes that the laminates undergo, such as sterilization, as well as in terms of the product’s long life. To ensure high delamination stability and additional protection of its barrier properties, the Aluminium foil substrate is lacquered with an adhesion-enhancer primer before undergoing the actual lamination process.

The configuration

The machine is equipped with the semi-flexo coating trolley which is the same standard solution fitted on Bobst customized coating lines dedicated to aluminum lacquering. The two-roller vertical solution developed by BOBST enables a higher coating speed to guarantee only superior quality coating whether it be solvent-based adhesives or lacquers. Both processes can be carried out on Oai Hung’s CL 850 without having to change coating trolley. It also provides higher uniformity and a better coating distribution across the entire web width.

The machine dryer also benefits from the Bost expertise in handling perfectly this specific application: the dryer features the combination of traditional and floatation type nozzles that deliver maximum efficiency in evaporating the solvent from the lamination adhesive, even at higher temperatures.

One of the hallmarks of the Bobst web-fed technology is the web handling capabilities of all its equipment. This is of even more critical when handling thick unsupported Aluminium foil substrates first during the lacquering stage and then the subsequent lamination process, without creases or any other web winding defect.

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