Celplast – Top-coating metallizer begins production

CANADA • After installing the first of its kind in-line top-coater metallizer in the world earlier this year to produce protected high-barrier materials for the flexible packaging and converting industry, Celplast Metallized Products continued to push the product further.

The graph illustrates Duramet’s performance in various tests (Source, Celplast)

According to the company, pre-testing and development of top-coated metallized films on their pilot line had yielded barrier results of up to 10x the barrier value of traditional metallized films. Initial commercial line barrier results have surpassed pilot line barrier values.

Duramet polyester is now available on a large-scale commercial line, allowing converters the possibility to eliminate layers, streamline production, simplify their raw material stream and significantly reduce the carbon footprint of their products.

The company assures users that Duramet meets FDA food contact requirements for use with all food types under Condition of Use E. It also complies with relevant requirements of the Swiss Chemicals Ordinance SR 813.11 (ChemO) and European Regulation No. 10/2011 for food contact. With the commissioning of the world’s first large-scale 2.45 m wide top-coating and metallizing process, Celplast is prepared to partner with converters.

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