Comexi – The next evolution in lamination

The new ML2 multipurpose laminating and coating machine (Source: Comexi)(Photo Credit: Toti Ferrer Fotograf tel.0034619708097

SPAIN • The new ML2 multipurpose laminating and coating machine goes a step beyond Comexi’s Dual Laminator which is the group’s top seller and in the past three years has doubled the sales of this specific machine. This has encouraged  the company to create a new laminator which  they hope will be the best on the market  in both their segment and perhaps across the entire market. “The ML2 achieves the highest lamination standards, improving all of the current  solutions with new features and other boosts to improving productivity. Simply put, it will allow converters and customers to face new packaging challenges,” said Carlos Rodríguez, Comexi’s laminating brand manager. He gives the assurance  that the new machine will contain more versatility and productivity features.

The ML2 has a wide range of solutions to facilitate daily operations, increase productivity by improving running speeds, now up to 450 m/min (1467 fpm), while also helping reduce downtimes. Its configurable six to nine metre tunnel (20 to 30 ft) allows  it to be adapted to different market demands. Additionally, the ML2 is fitted with a three roller NIP technology that permits stronger final optical results across a variety of printed products. Depending on the model, it can operate with a maximum web width of 930, 1330 or 1530 mm (36.6”, 52.4” or 60.2”).


Additionally, the ML2 can laminate using  all kinds of adhesives: solvent-based, water-based or solvent-less. It can also perform a wide range of coating and in-register applications like cold-seal, inks or varnishes.


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