Conprinta – Corrugated pre-print machines for small runs

GERMANY • One of today’s market challenges for corrugated box manufacturers is to deal with the inherent complexity of running an increasing share of small volume, high graphics box orders on demand. For this purpose, Conprinta Printing Technology offers a Hybrid Preprint with combined analog and digital print in a designated press.

Conprinta’s IMD machines were developed as flexographic systems for producing preprint corrugated products (Source: Conprinta)

The IMD flexographic printing system and PVU series of products for digital printing systems enable high quality preprint. The company claims they are suitable for secondary packaging and POS products of all kinds. Conprinta also offers technology and software for “PrePrint on Demand,” a process solution that supports maximum flexibility.

Their machines are currently available in widths of 1100 mm, 2500 mm and 2800 mm (43”, 98”, and 110”). Available service support has also helped customers maximize production.

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