CTGA – A Dragon to eat up ink contamination

USA • Green Dragon flexo cleaner is an environmentally safe detergent for use in all flexo printing applications, where UV and water-based inks and UV coatings and varnishes are present.

Fields of cleaning applications include ink pans, anilox rollers and press parts and also general press and floor clean up. Green Dragon is offered in concentrated solution, mixed three parts water to one part cleaner. The concentrated/3:1 diluted version has a pH value of less than 11.5.


Green Dragon has VOC’s of less than 25 grams per litre and thus meets AQMD rule 1171 and Rule 1122 requirements. In addition, the product does not contain GWP , HAPs , petroleum distillates or heavy Metal and all surfactants used in the product are biodegradable. Finally, Green Dragon causes no plate swelling, is not flammable and according to the manufacturer, disposal is safe and easy.

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