ebeam Technologies – EB curing for HP Indigo 20000 printed flexible packaging substrates

SWITZERLAND • Core 100/760 is a newly launched EB curing system for finishing of flexible packaging and label substrates printed on an HP Indigo 20000 digital press.

Optimized for over-print varnish applications, the Core 100/760 is said to deliver instant EB curing for production of safe indirect food-contact packaging and enables fast time to all markets.

EB curing can produce high-gloss, matte and soft touch finishes that are scratch, tear, puncture and fade resistant, resulting in substantially increased package durability and abrasion resistance. Finished substrates have increased heat resistance, which enables heat-sealing to form pouches and, as it is a room-temperature process, heat-sensitive substrates can be cured. The EB curing system can also be used to perform a cast and cure process, delivering hologram effects that make finished products stand out on store shelves.

EB curing acts as a comprehensive cure for food-safe indirect food-contact packaging because it eliminates the need for photoinitiators, removing the risks associated with their migration. It also offers other important health, environmental and sustainability benefits.

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